Volunteer! March! To Do San Francisco podcast episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of the To Do San Francisco podcast!

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In this episode, Jamie talks about:

  • San Francisco Marin Food Bank needs about 1,000 more volunteer time slots filled for the dozens of pop up food bank operations during the COVID-19 recession and fire hazard season.  
  • San Francisco Women’s March – March for Our Rights on Saturday, October 17, 2020 from 11am – Noon at SF Civic Center
    • Please wear a facial covering/mask and socially distance while marching.
  • Public transit options from San Francisco International Airport to downtown San Francisco during COVID-19 pandemic (reduced schedule for BART):
    • If you arrive prior to BART’s 9pm shutdown time, you probably want to stick with BART. Check BART’s schedules.
    • If you have more than a fairly light/small bag ensemble, you’ll probably want to avoid the SamTrans bus because it is set up more for commuter workers than for travelers. I recommend using a Taxi Cab over any “gig driving” option. Taxi pick-up at the airport tends to be in the center island outside the arrivals/baggage doors for your arrival terminal.
    • For a 24-hour public transit option friendly for people with spare time and little baggage to carry, SamTrans offers bus service in a few locations. Please check the schedules and information for the following bus lines that operate between San Francisco International Airport and downtown San Francisco (check out the latest schedule/route maps as these are frequently changing during COVID-19 pandemic and reduced transit utilization):

Thank you for listening!