North Beach! To Do San Francisco podcast episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of the To Do San Francisco podcast!

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In this episode, Jamie talks about:

  • Dining outside in North Beach
    • Make your way to Broadway and Columbus Avenue to be at the center of the action in North Beach
      • Check out options for dining outside along Columbus Avenue, Grant Street, Green Street, and Vallejo.
      • While in the area, pick up some dessert before or after your dining experience from one of many bakeries. My personal favorite is Victoria Pastry at Powell and Filbert, on the NW corner of Washington Square Park.
      • Also, please stop by City Lights Booksellers while visiting North Beach!
  • Streaming the night away
    • Check out Kanopy via the San Francisco Public Library for movies – heavy on the Documentary genre.
    • Watch commercial-free Classic Arts Showcase streamed via their website or via an Apple TV application. This is a real goldmine of classical music, opera, theatre performances, and more – and it operates using funding from an endowment gifted by a couple of philanthropists starting back in 1994!
    • Disney Plus isn’t exactly an unknown, but many folks may not realize the great treasure of material they offer.  Highly recommended is the Mandalorian series and National Geographic productions along with classic Disney, Pixar, and Marvel fare.

Thank you for listening!